Multiple Teams · Middle School Information

2020 – 2021 Middle School Athletics Information

Hi! We are moving closer to getting our athletic programs started for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Below you will find some information for each Fall sport. If you have questions please reach out to either me or the coach and please be understanding during this time. SCHSL meets again on August 10th and everything could change or move forward. Schedules will be posted once other schools in our conference have more information on their athletic restrictions. Thank you for your help and support in this matter.

 Jared Jones                                                                                                                                                                                   MCMS Athletic Director                                                                                                           

Requirements for all sports:

  • Must have current physical, parent permission, concussion and COVID-19 (must be notarized) forms completed and signed. If you do not have any of this paperwork you can not participate. Links to the forms can be found below. You can submit these electronically by emailing them to Please make sure they are completed and clear.
  • Every athlete must go through a health checklist each day before participating. When dropping your child off do not leave until the coach tells you that your child is clear.
  • If they fail the checklist a letter with more information will be given to the parents with your next step.
    • Any one of these disqualifies you from participating –
      • Temperature of 100.4 F or above currently or the past 72 hours.
      • Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath.
      • Loss of taste or smell.
      • Close contact with someone with COVID-19.
      • New or worsening cough.
    • Any two of these disqualifies you from participating –
      • Sore throat
      • Muscle Aches
      • Chills
      • Fatigue
      • Headache
      • Congestion/runny nose
      • Diarrhea
      • Nausea/vomiting
  • We will not be allowed to have anymore than 15 athletes at a facility at one time ex. 15 volleyball players and 1 coach in the gym or 14 volleyball players and 2 coaches in the gym.
    • Students will be placed into practice pods with the same kids each time until regular practice is allowed.
    • These pods will be created and times given out once we have names of students interested in participating and paperwork on file.
    • Those students with all paperwork on file will be grouped together before those that have not turned in paperwork.
  • Per the Newberry County School District middle school sports can only do conditioning which means nothing with balls or other equipment
  • There will be no use of the locker rooms so athletes must come dressed for practice.
  • There will be no shared water bottles so athletes should bring their own water bottles with water.
  • Athletes must wear a mask (a mask will be provided for the athlete to keep) anytime they are not actively participating in a drill.
  • Athletes must stay 6 feet apart.

Competition Cheer 

If you’re interested in being a Mid-Carolina cheerleader, tryouts will be held August 3-6 for all rising 7-12 graders. For required paperwork or tryout information, please email Coach Jessica at and Coach Courtney at Let us know if you have questions or concerns. We understand that things are unpredictable in today’s time and we are committed to working with you.

Sideline Cheer

If your child is interested in only cheering at games and not competitive cheer tryouts right now will be the second week of school. More information will come. Contact Coach Courtney at or Coach Holly at


Please contact Wendy Shealy at with questions. Workouts will not begin until Aug 17th with more information to come. Right now tryouts will be the first week of school with more information to come. Please email the coaches to let them know your interest so that you can be placed in a practice pod.


Conditioning will start the week of August 10th. For information you can contact Head Coach David Meetze Please email the coaches to let them know your interest so that you can be placed in a practice pod. Remind link for updates.


No information currently. Information will come as we get closer.